Costumes special color Usually inner

Costumes special color Usually inner match black or darker color may look too yellow and look bad. , if the dress is used to match the yellow color, it will not steal the spotlight and match the color of the skirt, which is really a good choice. Match white high-heeled shoes again, so whole feeling rose at a draught, beautiful lady temperament had at a draught. A yellow dress with an orange suit and gray heels. Bright yellow is a kind of candy color, tie-in and same candy color is orange, can have the effect of a visual impact, because dress style itself is elegant, so choose to compare cultivate one’s morality when collocation feminine strong small suit to match, because of the style photograph, so the color of the “shock” also will not result in a weird feeling. Compare beautiful upper body collocation, shoe can choose dark color fastens gray, can make integral effect so more unified. The knitted sweater of rice white on palm yellow dress, deserve to go up purple

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