Also depends on the style of dress

Also depends on the style of dress. If you are a young girl, it can be flat leather shoes, or elegant high heels, depending on the color of your dress or white or black or other colors. In general, they should not be casual shoes. Specific also depends on individual preference. Temperament and so on, these can reflect a person’s accomplishment very much. Tie-in look bit: white dress is very contracted and relaxed, tie-in a pair of white shallow mouth stiletto stiletto, more add queen bearing. At the same time white dress is tie-in white high-heeled shoes can lengthen the thin body of the body more, unified colour also has harmonious aesthetic feeling extremely, it is absolutely to build a pure and fresh goddess fan first selection. And, on the design that tie-in high-heeled shoes, the proposal chooses the style of pointed head and shallow mouth

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